Expert in-person Environmental Training

We provide classes in asbestos removal, OSHA, lead safety, mold removal, and scaffolding.

Who We Are?

SafeCru Academy is a distinguished provider of Environmental and Safety Training and Consulting Services, with a focus on key areas such as asbestos, lead, mold, hazardous materials, scaffold building and construction safety. Based in Indianapolis and a training facility in the Louisville metro, we are committed to offering expert and customized in-person training solutions to both public and private sectors. SafeCru is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and expertise to our valued clients.

Whether you are in need of becoming certified, renewing your license, or need help with your company’s safety plan, we are here to help our students and clients.

At SafeCru Academy, we specialize in delivering comprehensive Enterprise Workforce Compliance & Management Solutions to organizations of all sizes.
At SafeCru Academy, we specialize in delivering comprehensive Enterprise Workforce Compliance & Management Solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Our Services Include:

Expert Project Specification Review & Consultation

With our extensive knowledge of regulations, we provide an in-depth review of upcoming project specifications to determine the best certifications and risk management courses for your organization.

Expert Project Specification Review & Consultation

Our team handles the entire process of scheduling, notification, and post-course confirmations for your entire team, from registration to course completion

Convenient 24/7 Course Enrollment

Our courses are available day and night, allowing you to browse, enroll, and stay compliant at your convenience.

Comprehensive Course-to-Field Support

We provide ongoing support to our students and alumni, with access to our team of expert instructors, EPA and DEQ representatives, just a phone call away. At SafeCru Academy, we are committed to ensuring your success and compliance.

Upcoming Classes

Asbestos Supervisor Initial This Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor Initial training course (40 hrs) is for any individual who performs supervision of persons permitted to enter the restricted and regulated asbestos abatement work area. The supervisor is also responsible for performing the duties of the OSHA competent person for the asbestos project, consistent with current EPA and OSHA regulations. An Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor must have completed this training and have a valid certificate with them at all times while working on qualifying projects. This workshop prepares you to immediately apply your knowledge to the field, with extensive hands-on training. **Indiana and Kentucky Accreditation** When: March 11-15, 2024 (5 day class) Where: SafeCru Academy – 213 E. Market Street Jeffersonville, IN 47130 Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm Questions? Please email lgriffin@safecru.com or call us at 317-460-2170

Simplifying Compliance & Safety Compliance

At SafeCru Academy, we simplify the complex process of regulatory compliance and safety adherence, recognizing the importance of these factors for your company’s success. We take a fresh approach to vocational training, discarding antiquated course guides and developing new materials from the ground up to fit a variety of learning styles.
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